Dungeon Goddesses 

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72 images - Forward by Eric Kroll

I have always been fascinated and inspired by the women who live and perform in the sexual underground. As an artist and photographer, I’m particularly enthralled by women who participate in sexual activities such as fetishism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, bondage, dominance and submission—pursuits that society has often portrayed as taboo. 

Seeing and photographing women expressing the darker sides of their sexuality is like peering into their private fantasies and, by extension, into all of our private lives. At the same time, they all share the ability to project a smoldering sensuality.

Painters and photographers have, throughout the ages, attempted to reveal the innermost personality of their subjects, striving at times to reach into both public and private personae. Standing in the way is a society which often imposes road blocks through the guise of social mores. 

I live artistically in these hidden, private compartments of my subjects.

Every time I work with these models, I am enthralled by their seductiveness, strength, style, and their ability to place their lovers under their spell. Their costumes, power, and beauty draw me to them much as they did other artists and photographers including Toulouse Lautrec, Brassai, Helmut Newton, Eric Kroll, and others.

Over the years I developed a camaraderie with many of my models, including those who entertain in the underground world of fetish and BDSM. Their background and stories are varied. But each shares an ability to transcend the customary and embrace the adventurous as my dungeon goddesses.

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